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Nurse, Mom & Senator

I am a lifelong Alaskan. My father flew in World War II and then as a captain for Wien Airlines. My mother graduated from law school after raising her 4 children; she went on to be admitted to the Alaska Bar, as well as the US Supreme Court. She spent the rest of her productive years doing pro bono legal work for seniors. I met my husband Richard in college and returned to Alaska with a nursing degree. We raised our family in the home Rich built on the Anchorage Hillside. I am an advanced nurse practitioner, and provided care in trauma care wards, village schools, and homeless shelters. Serving Alaskans of all walks of life is my passion. My Values >

People Matter

Public policy and making laws is not about charts, numbers, and excel spreadsheets. Important issues like healthcare and resource development are about the Alaskan families, businesses and jobs behind that make up those numbers.

Cathy Giessel for State Senate

Giessel Family

My Commitment to You

Public service is a sacred trust – I serve you, the voters, and no one else.


You have my commitment to uphold the Alaska's Constitution, to act only in Alaskans best interests, to serve ethically, and communicate clearly about.

The opportunity to represent you would be a privilege, and I would commit to honoring your trust in me.

Careful & Conservative

As a long-time medical professional, I know how to made difficult decisions without losing sight of the people at the heart of the questions facing Alaska.

Careful and Conservative

Cathy Giessel

Delivering Conservative Results

Some legislators are provocative. I'm more interested in being productive. I'm proud to work with my fellow Senators, achieving real budget cuts, blocking government overreach, and reforming government by:

Cathy In The News


Listening to neighbors is more important than ever. I read every email from a constituent, and reach out to explain what happens in Juneau. It's a pleasure to share an e-newsletter with constituents virtually every week, and hear feedback on how we can improve on communicating and listening.  Please Contact Me >

Communication Matters

Cathy Giessel


Alaska's been home my home from day 1. After a career as a nurse practitioner serving many of Alaska's most vulnerable people, I entered public service because I believe Alaska's future can be brighter than ever, if we make the right choices in Juneau.

I am a lifelong conservative, pro-life, and pro-business. I've consistently been endorsed by the National Rifle Association for my defense of our Second Amendment rights. Honesty, transparency and hard work are the keys to success for a state as well as an individual. I believe Alaska does best when we focus government on defined tasks and let creative Alaskans invent the future.

Cathy Giessel

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The primary election is August 18, 2020. Here are some resources to make easier for you to vote Cathy Giessel for State Senate!

Cathy Giessel

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